Green Living

The idea of a ‘Greener Future’ has been in everyone’s mind. With the upcoming natural disasters, there has been a vast economic, social and cultural loss to people. As the most superior of living beings and the maximum consumers from our environment, it is considered as our duty to have an eco-friendly future. This can be ensured by Green Living.

Well, Green Living can be defined as switching to environmentally friendly alternatives in our regular life. This can be initiated by any means. A few practical steps could include using the ice cream wrappers and sticks to form some sort of artwork or something like a bag, which can be used as your or your child’s projects.

Another could be using ethanol powered cars, which is being introduced to many countries across Asia and the world. One step we all can take is Switching to CFL Bulbs. Using of tube-lights and CFL bulbs instead of Filament Bulbs encourages less release of heat energy and ensures more durability and of course, brighter light. What could be an effective step would be having one switch for all necessary connections with the regular switchboard. Sometimes we feel lazy to even go and switch off all lights, in this way, we will have one button to press and all lights and fans turned off. You could go to the extent of having plastic bottle slippers if you like a total retro fashion or are the very big environmental lover.

The aim is to shift to TOTAL GREEN LIVING by taking small steps towards it. Your bit does matter. Even if others don’t, your contribution prevents addition to what waste they have generated. Be a life saver and switch to a greener living. Green Living doesn’t always mean switching to Solar Panel electricity, with your TV and Computer off in a jungle on a treehouse with monkeys. Make Green Living a fashion that everyone will follow.

‘You are a human being, become a Green Being…’

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