Language of Flowers

Use of flowers for conveying the coded messages started in 1600 in Constantinople and brought to England in 1716. The Victorian made an art of expressing through Tussie Mussies or flower bouquet which was gifted during the reign of Queen Victoria since 1837. Since then flowers have silently expressed sentiments in one form or another by their fragile and delicate blooms.

Flowers are the basis and representation of emotions related to humans which include joy, beauty, love, admiration, and inspiration at any occasion, be it marriage, anniversary, birth, birthdays, illness or death. Now a day, a dream wedding ceremony is incomplete without floral decorations. The decoration goes from beautiful centerpieces to large attractive gates to unique garlands and bouquet matching with the bride’s and groom’s attire. Boutonnieres are made for the grooms who are attached to his jacket.

Flowers ornament everything from hair, jewelry, clothing, and home decor. Flowers have the silent meaning of their own. They are the source of expression and wishes. They convey the message of love through their colors and types. They are the best gifts on occasion like Valentine Day, Christmas, Wedding, Easter, or anniversary. Every flower tells a story. Roses symbolize love, lily symbolizes beauty, carnation symbolizes fascination and devoted love, honeysuckle for devotion, and chrysanthemum symbolize wealth and cheerfulness.

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