Afternoon Squirrel

Close my eyes,
Drink a sip,
Of hot, simmering, aftersnack tea,
from a cup, golden by,
the rays of the Sun.
Open them,
Look around,
In the vastness of brightness,
Of arrows of winning King,
strengthened and powered,
come from an infinite source,
So round, so bright,
A faithful companion to me, everyday,
Shines in glory of it’s win,
In the war with others of its kind in the sky.
Sips into the puddles,
Plays, reflects,
And I sip my tea,
in its vastness.

And out of the green father’s little leaves,
came a rodent,
Between the colour of sedar and teak,
On its back,
of the 3 fingers,
that run down his back.
his black eyes,
Outshines the Sunlight,
A war sun hath lost,
And in it came,
As I sit,
with the cup of sunlight,
between my two hands,
and he, oh so pure, he,
came near to those,
beautiful flowers of my garden,
not scared it may bite,
put in its nose,
digs in its mouth,
in my dog flower.

Trch Treeech Tich Trch
it nibbled,
as for silence,
that was audible,
broke as it nibbled,
a trch and a treech,
as it took 
each bite,
each nibble,
each gnaw,
ate faster than what,
my heart beat, his heart beat,
and in the lazy afternoon,
slow did which seem.
Not so for him, as he,
enjoyed his purple-white dream,
thankless of my effort,
to grow the flower hath it ate,
It went back in the leafy giant,
An afternoon nap after a snack.

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