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It was thought to people go to Facebook to hang out with friends and not much more. However, that may be altering. The fastest-growing user groups on  Facebook are women in the 55 – 65 age groups. Yes, these are the similar women that make 80% of the family buying decision. Turns out the current majority of Facebook’s advertising revenues are from casual gaming promoters. Why? The users of informal games (FarmVille, Mafia  Wars) are women.    A recent PopCap study showed that 55 percent of every social gamer in the United States are women. The usual age of the women users is 48. Interestingly, 46 percent of American social gamers are 50 or older while only 6 percent of every social gamer is age 21 or younger. So, it appears the kids aren’t playing Facebook games as much as the women who just happen to be the target of main advertisers.

Why is this good news for network marketers? Since women make up approximately 85% of the distributor force it would seem that a  lot of our new distributors are on Facebook and other social media sites waiting for us to contact them. How can we contact them?  Advertising! Not on your life. Social media marketing is concerning communicating, not advertising. Recent studies have shown that while 78%  of consumers trust peer recommendations just 14% trust advertisements. That brings us back to the question, how can you contact them? Obviously, if consumers desire peer recommendations the trick is going to be how to get them to listen to your recommendations. The key is to set up a Web presence that establishes you as a peer and an expert. Networking presentations were once dominated by presentations that brought forth an exciting response. There was the saying to “people  listen to your music, not your words.” In fact, scientific studies point out that an audience is influenced 7% by your content, 38% by your vocal presentation and 55% by your visual presence. The keys to the immense  presentation were your tonality and your enthusiasm. How do we make an inspiring presentation using social media? Sincerity, yep, there it is again, you have to be actual. You ought to be authentic and transparent. 

Presentations using social media are not filled by affecting triggers. For a social media product start on when you are filling a specific need by providing a specific product, you may be able to be effective by using hard sell and emotional triggers. However, using social media to discover compatible business partners requires that you build a relationship. Sure you have webinars, product presentations and meetings over the Internet; however, they are now extensions of your relationship building. These events are not what creates a social network marketing organization. The important elements to creating your online social network marketing organization are the social media funnels you develop to encourage people to desire to find out more about you and ultimately join you or purchase what you have to offer. Your social network marketing matrix consists of your Facebook site, twitter account, YouTube channel, blog, website, and newsletter and/or capture page. You are creating a funnel to will pre-qualify your business partners. By the way, the pre-qualifying goes equally ways. Your prospective partners are using the elements of your social network marketing matrix to determine if they want to get to know you better and possibly become your business partner. Do you need all of these essentials to integrate social media into your network marketing business plan? Yes. It takes several times to set things up properly, however, once your funnels are in place you will have the tools to build an online home-based business social networking organization that is yours.

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