Role of Celebrities in The Field of Entertainment and Media

A celebrity is also known as a celeb in popular culture. Celebrities come in the field of entertainment and media. The main aim of celebrities is to entertain the public. People often look for entertaining sources and the same celebrities do. A celebrity can be a cricketer, actor or any other who can entertain the public in such a way to reduce the daily stress of the public.

There is a very vast and important role of celebrities in the field of entertainment. They entertain the public by their own humor. If you have humor then you may also be a celebrity. For example, a cricketer plays cricket for his country but the main purpose of this game is to entertain the whole public and the same a cricketer does. He tries his best to entertain their appreciators. Not only cricketer but every player of any game has a purpose and that is to entertain the public.

Nowadays the public only looks for something which can entertain them and the person who can entertain them and become the king of the public’s heart is called a celebrity. Celebrities also have a very important role in the field of media. All movies, TV shows and all come in the field of media. So the one who has the humor to do something in acting, singing or any other thing can become a celebrity. Media is a good source of entertainment for the public but without people having a particular talent, media is nothing viz without celebrities media has no value in entertainment because celebrity entertains to public and that entertainment shows come in the field of media. So a person having a particular talent can become a celebrity only if they can entertain the public by their talent because the purpose of celebrities is to entertain the public. Individuals need idols, motivation, someone to look up to and appreciate. While it would be excellent if every individual on the earth checked to people like Terry Fox, Sue Keller, Liz Murray, Randy Pausch or Martin Luther Master Jr. The sad simple reality is a lot of you will not know who some of these folks are and people won’t know who any of them are. However thanks to TV, iPod, iPhone, youtube and the world wide web ( and a million other press outlets) everyone knows who Kaira Pitt is.

Performing is an art and includes creativeness and ability but not in all situations. There are many stars who can’t act and still have celebrities. You won’t discover a non-motivational capitalist who is a large motivation for many individuals. Unless of course they are popular but that doesn’t depend then. We must be mentioning what the media covers. It is a way of enjoyment and individuals usually get a kick out of listening to who separated whom and who scammed on who, what OJ Simpson is doing, etc. It is up to you to choose if you want to look at those reveals or get your information from other resources.

So its all up to you that what importance you give to an individual. One gets much importance from other people can become a celebrity. Croobal is a website where celebrities are featured out.

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