How To Read Apple iBooks On Your Kindle and PC Freely

How To Read Apple iBooks On Your Kindle/ PC Freely iBooks is a mighty e-book app by Apple Inc, which allows users to download and shop multi-touch books day and night. But Apple uses its DRM technology known as FairPlay to protect the different forms of content it sells from being accessed through unauthorized means, readers just can read them on iPhone, iPad or iPod, and can not share the rich and colorful books in Kindle or other unauthorized devices. But now we can remove iBooks DRM easily by iBooks DRM Removal, then read iBooks on Kindle freely. Here demonstrates you how to remove DRM from iBooks with iBooks DRM Removal freeware, read iBooks on Kindle freely.

Part 1: Remove iBooks DRM

Step 1: Find the iBooks you purchased in your computer in the path: My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Books.

Step 2: Download and install the iBooks DRM Removal, then run it, the iBooks DRM Removal will work and remove iBooks DRM automatically. Note that: the unDRM books you get are in Epub format, kindle can not read Epub, convert Epub to Mobi for best view on your Kindle.

Part 2: Convert Epub to Mobi Epubor Epub to Mobi Converter is the best user-friendly software to achieve your goal. Click “Add Files and “choose the DRM-free ePub ebook you need to convert. Epub books can be converted to mobi quickly and completely.

Part 3: Transfer mobi ebook to Kindle Connect Kindle to PC by USB cable, there will be a Removable Disc in “My Computer”. Copy & Paste the mobi file to the Document folder. Then you can share iBooks freely in your Kindle. Now possible and amazing to Remove iBooks DRM, Read iBooks on PC! Easily Done. Enjoy your reading.

Summary: Though iBooks have the iBooks FairPlay DRM to protect their own content, it can be cracked now easily with iBooks DRM removal, help you read books freely on your Kindle or PC.

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