Shin Chan

The famous cartoon ShinChan coming on Hungama TV is a favorite of many children across India, Japan, and America. The story revolves around the main character Shinnosuke Nohara popularly known as ShinChan who is an utter nuisance and a naughty boy who is always positive and loves to trouble others. His favorite cartoon is Action Camen and Quantum Robot whose characters he tries to imitate.

His family is of four, his mother Mitsae who always tries to correct him and beats him whenever he makes mistakes; Harry (Hiroshi) who earns for the family but always reins of finance over to his wife, who has control over family spending. Himawari is the newborn baby in the family but is very intelligent and gets attracted to shiny objects, mainly jewels and is also like his brother. And finally, the adopted dog Shiro who is apparently the most intelligent in the family. The dog is faithful to the family even though he gets food only once a week! The family is under a big amount of loan and they will be under the same roof for 32 years. Their daily life involves an experience of shocks and surprises introduced by ShinChan who is always up to something. His friends Kazama, the most intelligent, Nannie, sweet and short tempered, Masao, the sensitive one and Suzuki (also called Bo) who are altogether called the KASUKABE DEFENCE GROUP who try to help others but always do the opposite.

ShinChan and his friends go to the same school Futaba Kindergarten where the teachers are Yoshinaga who is simple and Matsuzaka who likes to show off. The teachers always fight with each other. The Principal who looks like the gangster is completely opposite to his appearance being very kind. There are many others who are irritated by ShinChan. ShinChan confounds his parents by using the wrong phrase for the occasion; for example, saying “Welcome back!” instead of “I’m home!” and also talks about the wrong thing at the wrong moment; for example, while he gets lost in the ice with 2 men, he plays action Kamen with them and also almost any word can become a source of confusion for Shin-Chan, including English loan-words, such as mistaking “cool” for “pool”. But it is a great comedy and it is fun watching him. He turns on your mood and there is entertainment in every single bit of the episode you watch. That is why he is the favorite of all. Parents, however, feel Shin Chan makes their children misbehave. And so Shin Chan was edited for calling his parents by name, getting nude at any moment and making fun of his friends. But ShinChan is back and it is fun watching it even though it is edited.

Unfortunately, its creator has recently passed away and therefore it won’t last after 2011 on TV. There have been 7 ShinChan movies with 2 viewed on TV. It is fun watching this five year old kid enjoying life by making other’s life miserable.

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