How to Critique Food?

Everyone loves to eat. Food is part of our life. Food is critiqued by a Food Critic. The Critic judges the food served keeping Presentation, Creativity, Technique, and Taste in mind. These are the most important elements of food. The basic understanding of the food and the cuisine it belongs to is also to be known. It is often said that we eat with our eyes first, and that certainly is true when it comes to critiquing food.

The presentation of a dish is the first thing a food critic notices, and it plays a major part in the review process. The presentation makes food look attractive. The variety of colors, textures, finish, garnish and placement of food add to the experience. A food critic pays close attention to how each is presented. From the color of the plate, geometry, garnishes, nothing goes unnoticed. Without it, the food looks dull.

Another important component of the review process is a technique. The chef will be judged on how he/she chooses to cook the food, and it can often make or break a dish. The technique used in food is checked by the presentation, look and taste. Being a critic the decision comes here that if the food prepared is unique or just a blend of flavors. The most important aspect of the whole process is taste. The dishes have to taste good, and that involves identifying what spices and seasonings are present, the texture and consistency of each ingredient, and the overall combination of flavors present throughout the dish.

The food critic will think about how each ingredient enhances or detracts from another, and will also take note of the freshness and quality of the food served. What spices, elements and herbs are used in the food of the cuisine is what should be noticed while tasting. Also the technique used added to the flavor or not. The food should be such that the critic doesn’t taste it but enjoy it. Also the concept of the dish should be on the plate.

So now if you go to a hotel or restaurant, see if it has the elements and be a critic yourself.

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