Eye Makeup

Eyes are the windows of our heart and character. It creates a focal point for originality, fun, and elegance. To reveal the true beauty of eyes, it is important to form balance and harmony in the application of eye makeup.

Various variety of eye shadow is available, including loose powders, liquids, pressed powders, etc. The shades and ways of applying eye makeup depending on the shape of the eyes. For deep eyes, light and nacreous tints of eye shadows are chosen which make the eyes appear visually bigger. For wide eyes, darker tint of eyeshades is applied which visually makes the eyes appear smaller. Dark shades of Eye Shadows make eyes visually smaller, deep-set whereas light shades make them appear bigger, wider and open.

The shape of the eyebrow is an important consideration when selecting the eye makeup technique for the eyes. The eyebrow should be well-shaped. Next, cover the dark circles and blemishes with the neutral-colored concealer. Blend the concealer using inside- out movement. Apply the eye pencil or eyeliner after applying eye shadow to give a dreamy and softer look to the eyes. If a dramatic look is required then apply eyeliner after the application of eye-shadows. Choose at least three shades of eye shadow, a lighter shade, a medium shade, and a darker shade.

The lighter shade is used as a base shade, Use the medium shade for the fold, and the darker shade to line the upper eyelid.

Curl the eyelashes. Finish the eye make-up with a layer of mascara.

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