Fashion Trends in Teens

Teens represent the transition period to adulthood when they start becoming independent and have their outlook towards everything. Teens are tremendously conscious of the overall image. They are no more the scapegoats of the fashion trends, confused between adult and children’s wear.

Fashion and teenagers appear to get on together as it is an apparent means of expression to their peers. Fashion plays an immense role in the lives of teens. Fashion is first and foremost a social statement for them. Teenagers wish to look their best so they keep up on the newest fashion trends. They want to look fashionable, hottest and fit in with their friends. Bad fashion choices in the eyes of peers can often be ridiculed and humiliated. Teen Fashion is about looking good, superior and feeling cool at low cost. Fashion is their technique to express themselves, their tastes in a constructive way. It provides them a sense of individuality by signaling a more independent or inclusive personality. They try to follow their celebrities and look like their idols. The styles which have made a mark on the teen fads include Emo fashion, hip-hop, Goth style, and Prep style.

Teens are exposed to new fashions through the media. Magazines, newspapers, TV and even the media influence them by exposing the most recent fashion trends. Teenagers prefer to choose their clothes even if they have to disagree with their parents. So many products are brands are available in the market that making a choice and coming to a common conclusion creates problems between the parent and teenager.

Youngsters need both quality and quantity. They have a greater selection of clothes than ever and have a strong need to set their style. Teenagers take an interest in the latest up to date trends. They lead the fashion styles which are imitated across the generations. Even the designers of the fashion world seek inspiration and ideas keeping the youth in mind as the fashion market is controlled by them.

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