Originally, during World War II, jeans were worn by factories workers, railroad workers, farmers, and cowboys and were known as “dungarees”. It was adopted because of its wearability. Later in the first part of the 20th century, it became the official working uniform of the United States Navy. The historic brands of jeans include Wrangler, Lee, and Levis. Jeans became trendy among teenagers and hippies around 1950. The ’70s saw an outburst of denim jeans styles and fabric treatments and the ’80s produced designer denim.

Jeans are simply practical and comfortable. It isn’t expensive. It can be worn for a long time as it is a sturdy and strong fabric. It doesn’t get dirty quickly and doesn’t wrinkle. Jeans come in different categories such as skinny jeans, boot cut; baggy jeans carpenter jeans, hip huggers, shaggy, skinny or flare jeans.

There was a time when people wearing blue jeans couldn’t enter restaurants. Nowadays jeans are available not only in blue color but also in red, blue, grey, black or any other color. Denim is also used for manufacturing bags, jackets, skirts, shorts, dresses, and many accessories. Today, jeans are the stuff of high-end designer wear. Rip them, sew on patches or cut off the waistband.

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