A Scandinavian Story

Scandinavia is a linguistic and cultural region in the North of Europe, consisting of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. The name of the region comes from Skandage, which represents a body of water that lies beneath Norway, Sweden, and the Jutland Peninsula of Denmark. It is also confused with the geographical name, the Scandinavian Peninsula. The union of these countries is based on a common history, related languages, and political interests, as well as similar cultural traits.

Sharing an ethnocultural Germanic heritage, the Scandinavian kingdoms have maintained their strength throughout the centuries. Because of their position, very close to the North Pole, the inhabitants had to get used to the low temperatures and lack of solar heat. Therefore, the ancestors of today’s Scandinavians were powerful and able to endure anything. The best example is constituted by the Vikings, a seafaring tribe, known for its violent nature, which made settlements in many different parts of the European continent. Scandinavia is not only known for its cultural legacy but also its tourist destinations and natural phenomena. This part of the world provides its visitors with The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis),

The Midnight Sun, the Polar Nights, and the wildlife. The capital of each mentioned above country comprises history, a metropolitan atmosphere, and an open-minded perspective. Besides the fact that Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen are among the most developed cities, between them there is a very organized traveling system, which makes the distance bearable. Also, Scandinavian castles are eager to be discovered by travelers. Royalty has left its marks in Denmark, most of all. Although the Vikings are said to have been aggressive, nowadays’ Scandinavians are friendly. They are open-minded, a result of the high-class education they received, and they speak English, and therefore the language barrier is almost gone. Denmark is also a good place to remember childhood fairy tales. The home of Hans Christian Andersen, who was the first one to mention the term “Scandinavian”, offers the tourists the possibility of seeing the statue of The Little Mermaid, as well as visiting The Royal Gardens. Nature offers probably the most spectacular sights, not only through the already mentioned phenomena but also through the natural parks and also beaches! Sweden has soft sandy beaches in the southern and central parts of the country. The other countries also have beaches, and the weather does not stop the people from bathing in the sea. Iceland may not be so close to the continent, but its geysers, volcanoes, and fjords make it an amazing destination. The geothermal power it has is used in many ways, including spas with breathtaking landscapes. Although at first sight, it may seem very far and very cold, Iceland has many interesting things to offer to its visitors. To put it in a nutshell, Scandinavia may seem unappealing, but remember, appearances can be deceiving. Norway, Sweden, and Denmark combine tradition with modernity, past with the present, and nature with various flawless systems.

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